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Message from Managing Director

Message from Managing Director

ATOMOS is a company committed to continuous improvement through partnerships that foster flexibility, transparency and a willingness to develop and deliver the best solutions for our clients.

Trusted Solution Sourcing is built on ATOMOS's legacy, describes our way of doing business and drives operational excellence.


In 2000, ATOMOS launched. The idea came from a discussion of what ATOMOS does best and we realized our employees were on the front lines every day helping our clients win the battle of the brands. The idea resonated with our clients and became an effective sales tool. For clients’, it was the affirmation that their valued brand was entrusted to the right company. We protect and promote our clients’ brands and the outcome is loyalty for our clients’ products and services.

ATOMOS spirit is built on four important principles: passion to do my job well, responsibility to myself and to my team, dedication to protect the client’s brand and enthusiasm for my job.

ATOMOS’s early beginnings were as an innovative company and partner with many Clients. We grew with them because we had the flexibility and imagination and outstanding clarity to filler their needs and to help them advance in the marketplace. They knew they could count on us to provide total sourcing capabilities, and to offer with inventive solutions that addressed critical issues and goals.