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Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing Solutions for sourcing and manufacturing from India, for overseas buyer

Manufacturing Solutions have enabled our clients' to specialize in Indian sourcing with a root network in Industries and representing number of production and export house, that ensures best quality at competitive price. With our outstanding clarity to filter your needs, our unique Process aimed at securing the highest possible perceived value while maintaining a cost of goods for both 'Pilot projects' and 'Large scale projects', has enabled our clients' business to pave the path to success.

From managing complex sourcing projects to consulting and value added services, ATOMOS provides a wide range of professional products and solutions to the utility industry.

ATOMOS initiated manufacturing solutions in 2000 with the aim to assist Foreign Trade and to fulfill Customised components needs with infrastructure to achieve global demand & quality standards.

Today from its simple beginnings, we are world's leading supplier of forging die steels, die casting tool steels and custom open-die forgings, castings, sand castings and Investment casting components. Our solutions has maintained a commitment to source and inspect 100 percent of its products. These products are sourced domestically from more than 100 vendors across country, for our clients'.

In our solutions for the most part, we sell our products to other manufacturers -- die casting companies and closed-die forging plants, oil and gas company, tunnel making machinery -- who use these components in their operations. Only when the ultimate in strength and durability is required, such as in large mining equipment, ATOMOS formulations and making technologies set worldwide standards. ATOMOS sourcing facilities are major on the leading edge of technology, using the most automated processes.

In the near future, we envisage ourselves emerging as a Single Source Supplier to a range of customers across the globe. After all, how many other companies can match our solutions that we offer in our segments?

We have planned what some might call an ambitious expansion that will entail the driving force behind this move is to further embellish our capacity. We also aim to fortify our markets in North America, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. We also aim to aggressively increase our presence into new markets like Eastern Europe, Latin/South America and Africa.